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How do I add bank accounts?

You can add as many bank accounts you want on the invoice. To do this follow the steps in the pictures below:

1. Click on the user icon, then click on ‘Company profile'’

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2. Then click on ‘Bank accounts’ and there are three options:

  • Delete account (if you want to delete an account)
  • Add a bank account
  • Add a bank
  • Displayed by default

If you want to add an account or bank, fill in the relevant fields, then save.

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All the accounts you enter can appear on the invoices by selecting ‘displayed by default’ , or by checking the accounts you want when you edit the invoice. The accounts checked with ‘displayed by default’ will appear by default in the invoices header (and others documents) – with no need to be selected when you issue a document.

*Note!* On invoices already issued, these changes will not be automatically retrieved. If you want the newly added accounts on the invoices already issued to appear, you must open those documents again and select the accounts as shown below: